How do I know our property is safe with Ark O' Noah Pet Sitting?

Ark O' Noah Pet Sitting protects you, our valued client, by being insured and bonded. We have never had a negative incident and do everything in our power to maintain a perfect honorable score.

Can I get daily updates on my pets?

Absolutely! We love snapping quick pics or "selfies" with your pet and shoot them off to you via text or email. This way, you will enjoy yourself while on vacation or be able to concentrate fully while on your business trip.

This service is what makes us stand out from the rest!

How can I show appreciation for services rendered?

The survey we leave with you at the end of our visit will enable us to maintain the best service in town. Please fill out and return by mail or email us a quick note. We need critiques and entertain suggestions!

We love and can use references. Tell your friends, family and co-workers about us. Or better yet, write a short, positive review via internet (Facebook, Yelp, etc.) This encourages us to continue doing what makes us happy...and as a result what makes you happy.

Which brings us to our next suggestion. The saying goes, "Chase happiness...money will follow."  Well...not so as a Pet Sitter. We keep our prices low, so every animal (domestic or wild) stays comfortable. Every monetary tip towards our exceptional service or Rescue & Adoption Program (or even a gas gift card) is greatly appreciated and motivational, but in no way obligatory, ever.

Or simply, leaving a fresh pitcher of lemonade in the fridge or a popsicle is refreshing after a hot summer doggie walk...just to let us know you are happy with our pet care.


Does Ark O' Noah Pet Sitting offer boarding?

Yes, but we only take in a very few. We must be selective in our pet intake to assure compatability of pets' cohabitation. We have our pets that have the run of the roost. Let's discuss all options. We can refer other boarding options elsewhere if all else fails. 

We are here to solve your pet sitting situation, simple as that.

Does Ark O' Noah Adoption Program take in pets?

We try not to. We will help you, however, find loving homes for unwanted pets. We have resources that will enable you to take the proper avenues and get the ball rolling so every homeless pet gets a proper home.

Why might I see a gas surcharge on my invoice?

Our prices do not include the price of gas or wear and tear on our vehicles. This goes with the territory. For this reason, when expected to travel beyond our area  - 10 miles radius of West End Beaumont or Kountze, Texas - we must be compensated. 

We follow the AAA gas surcharge rate which is currently $0.56 per mile. Depending on where our pet sitters live, or if we are already scheduled in your area, we can partially waive the surcharge. We will do our best to accomodate you. Let's visit!