II am very pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Ark O' Noah Pet Sitting. It has been my pleasure and delight to know Amanda McKaughan over the last year.

Amanda came to us shortly after arriving to Texas and brought 5 of her 6 race horses to board on our farm. She wasn't here any time that we realized what a fabulous person she is and an asset to have around our farm. On top of being such an enjoyable person, she has a ton of animal knowledge and experience to offer.

 Amanda has worked as a helper on our farm, in our construction business, as well as managed our home and tended to all our animals (8 horses, 1 donkey, 4 dogs and 1 cat) while we have been away. It is with great regret that we can not keep Amanda on full-time on our place. She is very dependable, honest and hard working. My husband and I are honored to call on Ark O' Noah Pet Sitting at any given chance.

Amanda and Tom Daigle Kountze, TX

 David and I own Shady Acres Ranch. We often go out of town and need someone (who loves animals) to watch over our ranch, monitor the cattle, care for our pets and secure the house while we are gone. We also needed someone to water plants, pick up mail and do light chores such as feeding, haying, etc.

We started looking around and were introduced to Amanda. You could tell right away that she was an animal lover, trustworthy and very kind. We hired her and are very very pleased with the outcome!

We came home to an immaculate house, mowed yard, live plants and very HAPPY pets! Amanda periodically texted us photos of our dog and cat, letting us know how happy they were.

We would definitely recommend Ark O' Noah Pet Sitting, especially since they are protecting us by being insured and bonded. You can leave your home and animals and feel safe and secure about it. Amanda is an amazing person! Give Ark O' Noah a try, you and your pets will be glad you did....and you will be worry free!
Missy and David Smallwood

 I have known Amanda McKaughan for 23 years; she was my private thoroughbred trainer for nearly a decade and was exceptional in her role.  She successfully managed a stable of valuable race horses and won many high class races at the nation’s top racetracks, proving herself more than formidable when competing against Hall of Fame horsemen on the tough Southern California racing circuit.

 However, the sport of thoroughbred racing – and the rigorous and stressful seven-day-a-week schedule that it demands – was never her true passion, so despite earning the opportunity to move to Maryland and work with Kentucky Derby-winning trainer Graham Motion, she decided to put her tack in storage and return to her home state of Texas.

 It was easy to recognize that what she loved the most about her job was the daily interaction with the animals that lived in her stable; the horses, the goats, the dogs and cats, and all of the other stray critters that came looking for a home and some love.

 Amanda may never becoming financially rich in her new business, but I’m sure that the joy and happiness she’ll receive by meeting new “friends” will be rewarding enough.  It certainly has been for me; 16 years ago she rescued a lost, frightened six week old feline from the streets of Los Angeles; today Hoops the Cat is alive and well, and, against his better judgment, allows me to live in his house. 



Jeff Siegel HRTV Host/Analyst Arcadia, CA