Our Services

In Home Pet Care - 

Whether it be hourly or overnight, we provide secure, friendly, and affordable domestic & exotic pet care and home services. We offer everything from livestock monitoring, errands, plant watering, mail pick up, garbage put out, dog walking, cat exercising, pet taxi, grooming, special pet needs and even complimentary poop scooping!

Home security is becoming a need of the times. We make sure lights and TV are turned on and off at random. We'll adjust blinds and shades - all to demonstrate that someone is home.

Boarding (Limited) -

Located in the charming Calder Terrace neighborhood (with sidewalks!) of Beaumont's West End. No Kennel on premise! Hands-on 24/7 pet care. We provide an ample sized "Canine Cabin" for Fido to rest after a fun-filled day at the animal farm, beach, or dog park. Your pet will relax in a private, air conditioned or heated quarters, play in a grassy & spacious yard, exercise on a cable run, swim in a puppy pool, and/or take daily walks. When we do go for a Doggy Day Away, your pet will be securely transported in our custom designed "Pooch Pickup" for man's best friend's pleasure.

Remember, we take in only one or two dogs, cats, or other species for boarding at any given time.

Check for availability and pricing ASAP! (409) 300-9948

As of Spring 2015, we now offer some boarding in the Mid-County Area


Additional Services...


Ark O' Noah Petting Zoo - we're your local source for safe & exciting animal experiences! We do children's parties, church & school events…you name it! Call us at (409) 300-9948 & check out our facebook page! www.facebook.com/ArkONoahPettingZoo


Doggy Door Installation by our professional Hound Handyman! Ask for John at (409) 300-9948. He will have your door installed in your home in 48 hours or less!