Ark O' Noah Pet Sitting is your solution for professional pet sitting. We provide honest, friendly, and affordable domestic & exotic pet care at your home or our facility.

We are the only licensed and bonded pet sitters in Southeast Texas for your security and peace of mind.

Ark O' Noah Pet Sitting recognizes the importance of your trust & confidence in your pet’s care while you are away. We ensure that your pet’s typical daily routine will be uninterrupted. You will rest assured that each of your precious pets receive a tremendous amount of love and affection.

As the leading provider of pet services, including animal transport, we take pride in offering the best pet sitting and pet taxi in Southeast Texas. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers and their beloved pets each and every day.
Our goal at Ark O' Noah Pet Sitting is to build a lasting relationship with you and your pet, while forming a forever bond amongst us all.
"Love 'em & Leave 'em" is our motto!!

Our Most Rewarding Services (aside from Pet Sitting, of course)

Ark O' Noah Paws and Ponies serves as a liason for unwanted animals and enthusiastic families in search of their forever pet. We provide this 100% non-profit adoption service at the total expense of our earnings as pet sitters here at Ark O' Noah. 

Recently, AONPP rescued and revived a cat,  that we named "Crash" after being hit by a car...THANKS to Dr. Toman and his staff at West End Animal Clinic !! Ark O' Noah fortunately located the owners of lucky Crash, even without wearing a pet collar and tags.

We are known to adopted unwanted racehorses whose future is dismal and have found loving homes for every horse. 

This Spring, volunteers of Ark O' Noah Paws and Ponies (and Flippers) traveled to San Francisco (Pancho) Nayarit, Mexico to research and release baby Sea Turtles. See Pictures page.





Besides Pet Sitting, we also offer...


Ark O' Noah Petting Zoowe're your local source for safe & exciting animal experiences! We do children's parties, church & school events…you name it! Check out our facebook page! www.facebook.com/ArkONoahPettingZoo


Clippity-Clop Equine Clipping ServiceDuring the summertime we provide professional equine full body clips. Call "Clippity Clop Clipping" to reserve an appointment with our expert clipper. 12 years experience clipping race horses, miniature horses and donkeys. (409) 300-9948


Late Night Cravings?  No Problem! We Deliver 24/7.
Now expanding our services to Mid-County. Legal Cravings Only. Twilight Delights Delivery can only accept cash, no checks. Payment due upon receipt.
Doggy Door Installation by our professional Hound HandymanAsk for John at (409) 300-9948. He will have your door installed in your home in 48 hours or less!  



Enjoy browsing Ark O’ Noah Pet Sitting website for more information about our pet care, pet taxi, pet adoption, equine clipping and delivery services in the Southeast Texas area.